• Medico-legal reporting
  • Expert Witnesses
  • MedCo Registered
  • Nationwide Examinations
  • Rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapy Treatments
  • Experienced and Professional Account Managers
  • Agreed Service Level Agreements
  • Quality Reporting and Regular Feedback

We work alongside the leading solicitors nationwide, to provide a first class experience of Medico-legal reporting and other services. We have dedicated account managers assigned to each solicitor delivering a high quality of service. We offer a service which is second-to none.


Efficiency of Service

At Hayes Medicals we have developed our systems and follow set processes in all tasks to ensure that we are working to the best of our abilities. This allows us to service your instructions quickly while ensuring the same high standard across all areas.


Quality of Reports

All reports are carefully vetted and the details logged in order to analyse our performance. This enables us to provide accurate feedback to our Experts and keep a consistently high quality of reports, making further improvements wherever we can.


Variety of Experts

Over the years Hayes Medicals have significantly grown the Panel of Experts available to instruct, always taking feedback from our Associates. Staff have built strong relationships to ensure we can work together to provide the best service and competitive terms.

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