Clinical Negligence Screening Reports

Every professional has a speciality. For solicitors it could be a specific area of the law. For a doctor it could a speciality of medicine. Rarely we find a solicitor who is also a qualified doctor. So, when several of the solicitors we work with told us about how complicated some clinical negligence cases were to assess/decipher, we recognised an opportunity to help.

Cases of clinical negligence can be very time consuming and expensive, and it’s often very hard for solicitors to assess which cases are worth pursuing. That’s where Hayes Medicals helps. We offer two levels of screening service where an expert opinion is given from the medical evidence presented.

The Stage 1 report is written by a General Practitioner with over 30 years’ experience and will be an overall assessment of whether the medical evidence indicates that there is evidence of clinical negligence. The cost of this report is £80 + VAT. Please note in some instances our General Practitioner may not have the expertise to produce a report on very specialist cases.

The Stage 2 report is far more in depth and is produced by an expert in the specific field of the claim of clinical negligence. These reports are often required to secure ATE insurance.

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