The Company

We Believe In Helping People Move Forward.

Our aim is to build longstanding relationships that encourage growth.

It is our mission to be one of the leading Medico-Legal Reporting Services with our industry. To offer a service which is second-to-none; both efficient and reliable; and repeating this service time and again for each and every instruction.

Hayes Medicals are MedCo registered, providing nationwide examinations. We are proud to have been a source of knowledge for many of our contacts, including Solicitors, Medical Experts and other MROs. Take the opportunity to select Hayes and experience our first rate service for yourself.


We Go To The Right People To Get The Right Answers.

Hayes Medicals are dedicated to quality service and work alongside a wide variety of expert types nationwide, always taking feedback from our Associates. Our teams are trained to understand the claims they handle, from Causation and Liability reporting in Clinical Negligence, to all aspects of Rehabilitation.

Staff have built strong relationships with Medical Experts to ensure we can work together to provide the best service and competitive terms. All reports are carefully vetted and the details logged in order to analyse our performance. This enables us to provide accurate feedback to our Experts and keep a consistently high quality of reports, making further improvements wherever we can.

We enjoy working alongside the leading solicitors nationwide, to provide a first class experience of Medico-Legal and Expert Witness reporting, as well as other supporting services. We have dedicated staff specifically trained to your case requirements delivering a high quality of service, handling any and every query you may have.


We Are A Medical Reporting Organisation Providing Legal Support Services.

A dynamic, young and vibrant company, Hayes and Co. Services Ltd sought expansion in to the medical field – thus creating the division “Hayes Medicals”. With a strong, experienced team promoted from within, giving them knowledge across all areas of the company; Hayes Medicals has developed and grown continuously throughout the years, making changes in order to keep up with the sector. We have made a name for ourselves because of the professional, personal touch given to each and every client. We are always looking for new solicitors/insurers who want to be a part of our continued success.

All members focus on individual claim types to enable them to use their experience to maximum benefit while also being multi-trained on all services. We feel that having one set individual overseeing a Solicitor’s cases is imperative to ensuring a high level of customer service. Knowing that one person is available to discuss all your requirements makes work more efficient and you can rely on getting a well informed update that you can trust.

At Hayes Medicals we use Proclaim case management to be in sync with many of our customers and have worked closely with developers to improve our systems and workflow. We are dedicated to following set processes in all tasks to ensure that we are working to the best of our abilities, several employees are qualified as Lean Six Sigma practitioners. This allows us to service your instructions quickly while ensuring the same high standard across all areas.

Want quality medical reports faster?